Chic Ways to Wear a Scarf This Spring and Summer

silk scarf

Say goodbye to winter without letting go of its best accessory: the scarf. For those warm days and cool nights that come with spring and summer, there’s one easy, on-trend way to stay cool and keep warm at the same time with a spring scarf.

A silk scarf with a  bold print – like the Spring 2019 Box of Style Chan Luu silk scarf isn’t hard to pull off in the spring and summer. With strategic placing and the right outfit, you can transform your look into something effortless and chic.

spring scarf - Chan Luu silk scarf

When done right, a spring scarf elevates your look. This accessory can completely reinvent your wardrobe for the warmer seasons. Here are four creative ways to style scarves for spring and summer.

Belt It for a Different Way to Wear a Scarf

Wondering what to do with scarves? Add a pop of color to a pair of pants by wrapping a spring scarf around your waist. The effect works on any style of pant: Try it with a structured work pant or suit, or a casual pant, like your go-to spring denim, linen, or chino pieces.

spring scarf - Michelle Campbell Gold Talon Bracelet Set

Pair with: Trousers, blouse, loafers

Box of Style accessory: Michelle Campbell Gold Talon Bracelet Set from Spring 2019

How to Tie Fashion Scarves for Women Around the Neck

Dressing up a T-shirt and jeans requires a stunning accessory. But before you make a scarf your new go-to necklace, you should how to tie scarves for women properly.

Wrap the scarf around your neck, and tie a knot, leaving plenty of space for your neck to breathe. The styling for how you want to wear your spring scarf from there is entirely up to you: you can leave the knot in the front for a menswear-inspired look that resembles a tie; leave the knot hanging on the side for a vintage nautical feel;  leave the knot in the back so it looks like a choker. You can also control the scarf style depending on the tightness of your knot. If you want a lot of the fabric to work with, tie it looser, with more give. If you want more control, make the knot tight.

spring scarf - Skin Gym Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha

Pair with: Jeans, T-shirt, sophisticated sneakers, glowing skin

Box of Style accessory: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha from the Box of Style Spring 2019

Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf Loose

For a fresh, relaxed, scarf style, drape the accessory over your shoulders, and secure it under a collar. Let the spring scarf do the rest of the work for you.

This cool, different way to wear a fashion scarf adds a smooth French girl vibe to a casual tee. This scarf style easily transforms a classic work outfit, too.

spring scarf - Tribe Alive Leather Clutch

Pair with: Trousers, button down, mules, sunglasses

Box of Style accessory: Spring 2019  Tribe Alive Leather Clutch

How to Wear a Spring Scarf as a Bracelet

Need a last-minute accessory? Try this creative way to wear a scarf. Fold the spring scarf in half, and tie a loose knot around your wrist. This instantly brings any look a chic boho vibe, inspired by festival fashion.

spring scarf - Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm 

Pair with: Jumpsuit, sandals, oversized earrings

Box of Style accessory: Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm from the Spring 2019 box

What you can do with scarves is seemingly endless. These are just four ideas to get you inspired with your scarf fashion. Enjoy this accessory year-round for effortless and chic looks that elevate any outfit.