Wedding Outfit Ideas for Every Destination

wedding guest attire

Planning on attending a destination wedding in the near future? If so, it’s important to choose the right outfit that strikes the right note for the setting. Wedding guest attire that’s ideal for one destination might not be a smart choice for another.

That doesn’t mean dressing for a destination wedding needs to stress you out. This simple guide will help you choose the right outfit for any setting.

Beach Wedding Attire

A gorgeous beach is a great spot for a romantic wedding. However, dressing for a destination wedding at the beach is a careful balance of formal yet appropriate. For your wedding weekend wardrobe, keep in mind that the hot sun can make heavy formal wear uncomfortable, while sand can ruin a long dress. Also unfortunate: Walking comfortably in heels on the beach is practically impossible. It’s important to find out how formal the event will be before choosing your beach wedding attire.

That said, a knee-length dress is typically best for this setting. Choose footwear that’s formal enough for a wedding but supportive enough for walking on sand. An espadrille wedge can be a great option here, thanks to the thickness and broadness of the heel.

Soft summer colors are ideal for low-key events, but if the couple approves, vibrant reds and yellows may also make for a womens wedding guest dress that perfectly complements the view.

The Ideal City Wedding Weekend Wardrobe

Destination weddings in the city are also popular these days. The dramatic skyline results in some very memorable wedding shots.

You can dress for the occasion by carefully considering your wedding guest attire. Dark-colored womens wedding guest dresses tend to look both classy and striking under vibrant city lights. They also match the chic, modern vibe of a more urban setting.

Luckily, you don’t usually need to worry about the hemline of your wedding guest attire unless the couple says otherwise. Anything from a long gown to a dress that ends just above the knee is appropriate as long as it looks formal and sleek for the occasion.

What to Wear at a Tropical Destination Wedding

Heading to a tropical location for a destination wedding? Take advantage of this opportunity to wear a floral dress. This is one of those unique occasions where you don’t have to worry about the design calling too much attention to itself. Since you’ll be surrounded by vibrant colors and greenery, you can get away with indulging your more dynamic impulses.

You do want to keep your own comfort in mind when choosing an outfit for your wedding weekend wardrobe. The warmth of a tropical location can make heavier dresses feel pretty uncomfortable after a few hours.

Wedding Guest Attire for a Ceremony in Wine-Country

Vineyards and similar outdoor locations make for a beautiful destination wedding. The green grass is often highlighted by a backdrop of mountains, trees, lakes and/or rivers. For your wedding weekend wardrobe, consider an outfit that matches the beauty of the scene.

The exact type of dress you choose will depend on the climate. For example, a southern country wedding demands something lighter than a northern vineyard event.

Other than that, you have a lot of flexibility when choosing from womens wedding guest dresses. Floral dresses, cocktail dresses, and even jumpsuits are appropriate depending on the ceremony. You can stand out in the crowd by choosing your favorite simple but elegant jewelry to complement the overall outfit.

Destination weddings are popular because they’re beautiful. With just a few details to consider, your attire can be just right for the setting. Keeping these tips in mind makes it easy to find the right outfit for your wedding weekend wardrobe, whether that’s beach wedding attire or a jumpsuit for a country wedding. When you feel comfortable in your outfit given the setting, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and event even more.