How to Maintain the Chic Look

chic fashion

We’re in the midst of another exciting Fashion Month, ogling Fall 19 collections from the biggest designers in the world. We know all too well that new-season collections come and go, but classic chic fashion is something that lasts forever.

Luckily maintaining the chic look doesn’t mean throwing out your wardrobe and buying an entirely new one every season. Instead, chic fashion is all about curating a capsule collection of hard-working pieces that will wow the crowd, yet make you feel like a new and empowered woman every single time.

Think less about on-trend fast fashion pieces, and more along the lines of luxurious clothing that actually means something – and stands the test of time. We’re saying yes to timeless, structured, luxury chic style that will see you through the seasons with ease.

We’ve learned to stick to a few sartorial rules when putting our outfits together to maintain that luxury fashion look. The best part is that this can be done in just a few easy steps.

Classic Chic Fashion Lets You Accessorize to Your Heart’s Content

Fashion may start with the clothes, but it certainly doesn’t end there. We say it all the time here that accessories are the real heroes when it comes to determining stand-out, luxury fashion.

chic fashion - Chan Luu scarf

Whether it’s a textured, printed scarf that instantly jazzes up a monochrome outfit, or a particularly stunning pair of earrings that your little black dress simply can’t do without, accessories have the ability to make or break an outfit in an instant.

We’re currently lusting after the Chan Luu Silk Scarf, which is in our Spring Box of Style. “Nothing provides more styling options than a printed silk scarf,” says Rachel Zoe. And this exclusive piece is the perfect option for both luxury travel wear and any other occasion that you’re trying to achieve that fashion chic look.

Simplicity is Key to the Luxury Chic Style

chic fashion - Beauty Pie Über Volume Boost Mascara

We live by this rule – although it’s important not to confuse simplicity with neglect. There’s something quite striking about keeping this simple; be it a simple hairstyle or a subtle flick of black mascara on an otherwise bare (but flawless) face. We’re fans of Beauty Pie Über Volume Boost Mascara, which was featured in our Fall 2018 subscription box. It keeps lashes glossy and voluminous all day as the simple yet perfect complement to classic chic fashion.

We’re also fans of a pop of red lipstick on a bare face. This rule of fashion chic simplicity is especially handy for those that are looking to save time among their busy life schedules.

While we are fans of selecting the next day’s outfit ahead of time, we are not willing to sacrifice our time with our partners/friends/children/Netflix/all of the above. And we don’t like sacrificing our style prowess, either. This is why simplicity is so appealing.

Let Your Individual Chic Style Shine

Maintaining that chic fashion look is all about knowing what works for you personally. We’re talking colors, prints, and even certain silhouettes. Make the most of your long legs and a short torso, and find the clothing that enhances and accentuates these natural gifts. In other words, let the clothes do the work.

chic fashion - Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole

This applies as much to workwear as it does to party-wear – and even travel-wear. Don’t be caught out at the airport with clothes that have just been thrown together for the sake of a little comfort. We suggest taking a little extra time to invest in some faithful luxury travel wear that will keep you comfortable while maintaining that luxury traveler look at the same time. Yes you can get the best of both worlds!

Again, this is where accessories can be key. An item like the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole from our Winter 2017 box is as much luxury travel wear as it is an upgrade to a theater outfit. No matter the occasion, this piece elevates a look to the upper echelons of chic fashion.

Structured Chic Clothing Staples That Last a Lifetime

This tip applies to both business and pleasure – and maybe even both at the same time! As far as workwear is concerned, we love keeping things chic and style savvy, and think everyone needs a few go-to suits in their wardrobes. Whether you go for skirts, trousers, or choose to mix it up with a selection of both is entirely your choice.

chic fashion - Eddie Borgo The Soho Watch

Mixing and matching workwear is another classic chic fashion option, especially for those of us working in less formal environments. Think about a staple pair of leg-elongating trousers teamed with a selection of on-point blouses and a bold-colored blazer for that much needed pop of color. Complete the look with a piece of chic fashion like the Eddie Borgo The Soho Watch from our Winter 2018 Box of Style. Metallics make a sleek statement for any work outfit (or any occasion, really).

A pop of color is also a great, fashion choice for those day to night transformations. No need to carry around an extra outfit for your post-work cocktails with the girls. Instead, simply changing blouses or swapping your sensible work pumps for sky-scraping heels is all it takes to make a luxury chic style transition.