How To Stack Rings Like A Stylist

Nailing the delicate art of stacking rings is challenging even for the most style savvy among us. There are so many things to consider, from metal mixing to making sure you have enough mobility to do everyday tasks (like, um, typing), so we tapped Rachel Zoe for easy suggestions that look effortlessly cool. Rachel shares her tips on everything from of-the-moment metal mixing to tricks for making a looser ring fit feel snug. She also warns against trying to use extra-human strength which can damage dainty jewelry. Read on for creative styling tips and inspiration then be sure to show us how you style it using #boxofstyle.

Mark Hanson

“The back of the ring is intentionally left open so that you can wear it on one or two different fingers. It is made from a structured metal, so do not try squeezing or reshaping it—the worst thing you can do to delicate jewelry is subject it to pressure. Here, I’m wearing the same size style on both my middle and index fingers, it just fits a little more tightly on my index finger.”

Editors Tip: Don’t squeeze the ring, instead, wear it on a larger finger.

Christopher Patey

“Alternating delicate and chunky styles on consecutive fingers keeps the overall result looking polished rather than overbearing. Wearing uniform styles that all match comes off too contrived, so play around with shapes and vibes for a more eclectic result.”

Editors Tip: Pair the multi-tiered Luv AJ ring with a dainty pave band and a signet pinky ring for a unique evening look.


“Wear the ring on smaller fingers [where it fits you more loosely] in order to stack it with other styles. Use rings in the same color to create the illusion of one larger, stacked ring, or mix metals for a more fashion-forward alternative.”

Editors Tip: Stack the Luv AJ ring with another style to make the ring fit snugly without bending it.

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