How To Stay Healthy On The Road

We know that part of the fun of going on a trip is getting to be a little lazier than usual and sampling the local cuisine wherever you go. And while we’d never dream of suggesting you deprive yourselves (or ourselves for that matter), maintaining a healthy balance is important. It’s not always easy to keep up your wellness habits while you’re on the road or away, but it might not be as tough as you think to do right by your body, skin, and mind regardless of the curveballs and temptations that come your way while traveling. We’ve offering some tips to keep you on track no matter where you you’re headed.

Pack (Healthy) Snacks

Okay this might seem like a no-brainer, but tell that to yourself when you’re driving through the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing but fast food signs for miles. We’ve all fallen victim to the call of drive-through and gas station food while on the road (or at the airport for that matter) but it’s much easier to pass when you’re prepared. Stock up on snacks that will keep you satiated, like raw almonds, dried fruit, or grass-fed beef jerky. A green juice (pick one with as little fruit/sugar as possible) is also great for those moments when whipping up a salad isn’t exactly possible. If you’ve got a cooler, toss in some fresh fruits and veggies that are easy to eat on the go, like apples, snap peas, or celery. Snacking on these will help you feel a little bit better about the occasional indulgent meals you’re bound to have while traveling.

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Fit In Fitness

Since you’re going to be away from your go-to yoga studio or favorite spin class, you’re going to have to get creative with finding aways to exercise. Pack a yoga mat so you can do some vinyasas in your hotel room (or wherever!) and squeeze in a run or hike when possible. Not only will it keep you limber after long bouts of driving or flying, but maintaining some sense of exercise will also keep your energy up for those, ahem, long nights out.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You already know the importance of drinking tons of water on a regular basis, but it’s even more true while you’re traveling. It’s easy to get hydrated on the road, especially since you’re not going through your usual routine and you’re likely to indulge in caffeine, sugar, and alcohol while on vacation. To make it easier, pack a reusable bottle that you can bring wherever you go. It can be a physical reminder that you need to replenish your H2O.

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Don't Skip Skincare

There’s no need to pack your entire arsenal of beauty and wellness products with you when heading out of town, but a few key products will keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowy. Try multi-purpose products like a moisturizer that also has exfoliating properties, or a lip color that can double as blush so you can also save space in your bag.

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