Style Guide: How to Dress for Long Legs and a Short Torso

style tips for short waisted women

Style is all about dressing for your body type. An outfit that looks stunning on one person may not be nearly as impressive on someone with a different frame.

If you’re a woman with long legs and a short torso, these style tips for short-waisted women will help you highlight your length and elongate your body. Keep them in mind the next time you want to create a longer silhouette.

What to Wear With a Short Torso

Long Dresses for Short-Waisted Women Create Length

For someone who is relatively petite with a short torso, it’s sometimes helpful to choose garments that create the illusion of length around the midsection.

One of the best solutions simply involves wearing dresses which fall below the natural waistline. As a result, the torso appears longer than it actually is.

Ideally, wrap dresses for short-waisted women with long legs should fall above the knees. This makes the legs appear even longer.

Vertical Accessories are One of the Best Short-Waisted Solutions

The right accessories can also highlight the length of a woman who is petite with a short torso. For the best results, opt for long, vertical accessories, such as pendant necklaces. Anything that moves the eye in a vertical direction will produce the desired effect.

Shopping Tips for Short-Waisted Women: Go for V-Necks That Draw the Eye Down

The principle described above for accessories can also apply when shopping for tops. A short-torso female can consider v-necks that create a longer silhouette for the upper portion of the body. They’re equally effective in drawing the eye downward in a way that creates a sense of length.

Low Skirts Can Elongate Short Torsos

When considering shopping tips for short-waisted women, the ideal skirt sits lower on the hips, which will draw attention to and elongate your legs. Try pairing the skirt with an untucked top for a complete, lengthening look.

Low Rise Pants Solve Short Torso Problems By Drawing Attention to Long Legs

One of the top long-legged petite dressing tips is to choose low rise pants. These are casual pants (often jeans) which sit slightly below the natural waistline. Low-rise pants can enhance the natural length of your legs and help your torso appear longer.

What to Wear With a Short Torso Does Not Include Belts or Waistbands

Wide belts cover a large area of your waist, which for short torso females can emphasize the waist. One of the best short-waisted solutions is to wear thin belts and pants with thinner waistbands. These can help create an even silhouette when you’re trying to elongate your look.

Shopping for your body type can highlight your natural assets and create a desired silhouette no matter your shape. Putting together an outfit for long legs and a short torso doesn’t need to be difficult. These shopping tips for short-waisted women will help you achieve your desired look for any occasion.