Transitioning Your Skincare Routine For Winter–Expert Tips From Sunday Riley

Christopher Patey

The temperate fall was a welcome reprieve from the sweaty, sticky days of summer (and the resulting clogged pores), but the coming months will deliver harsh conditions guaranteed to make your skin look and feel pallid and dry. To help combat these seasonal woes, Rachel included the Sunday Riley Luna Night Recovery Oil in the Winter Box Of Style. We love watching the blue oil turn clear as it’s massaged in for major redness relief, and the benefits of including it in your daily regimen are plentiful. Read on for expert tips from the Sunday Riley team on more ways to transition your skincare for winter.

Winter Skin Remedies

First of all, is it really necessary to change your skincare routine seasonally?


“Your skin can become accustomed to your daily routine, so we always recommend switching up your regimen, and a new season is the perfect excuse. Extreme changes in the weather can cause flare ups of existing conditions like textured, flaky skin.”

So what can we do to best battle winter weather?


“Balancing the skin should be the focus throughout the summer months, while deep hydration with daily oils, like the Luna Night Recovery Oil,  are best during the winter months to combat the lack of humidity in the air.”

In what order should we be applying products to get the most benefits from them?


“We recommend massaging 2-3 drops of the Luna Night Recovery Oil onto cleansed skin at night, followed by a serum–our Good Genes serum compliments the Luna oil well–and then a moisturizer.”

Can you share any other tips for glowing skin throughout the Winter?


“Exfoliating and masking are great ways reveal more radiant skin, but should be done a few times a week rather than daily. We have an amazing product that can do both–Blue Moon Tranquility Balm—which gently exfoliates even the most sensitive skin and can also be used as a 10 minute hydrating mask when skin is in peril.”

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