Womens Handbags For Every Key Moment

handbags for women

In every woman’s life, there are a few key moments that she always needs to be prepared for. When it comes to planning the right outfit, your accessories are going to be what elevates a good outfit to a head-turning one. You can basically guarantee that double-take with the right handbag. Fashion may be cyclical, but all one needs are a few timeless pieces like a leather purse to match with every memory.

Designer handbags aren’t your only option for the key moments or your life. It’s less about the brand and more about the style when it comes to finding the perfect ladies purse – and here are the styles for every key moment.

A Clutch Purse Comes in Handy Day or Night

handbags for women - tribe alive leather clutch

Whether you’re creating a daytime or nighttime look, a clutch comes in handy for some of our favorite moments. Easy to hold and minimalistic in structure, it’s the perfect handbag for women for a quick morning meeting or fancy cocktail hour. We’re obsessing over the Tribe Alive Leather Clutch, which is an exclusive in our Spring Box of Style. This genuine leather purse is a timeless and chic piece for stashing everyday essentials.

Stay Free with a Crossbody Leather Handbag

Keeping your hands free with a crossbody handbag is a definite advantage. This type of ladies purse can fit into the right moment of every woman’s life. Plus, we all have a bit of wanderlust, don’t we? This is the perfect travel bag for women, and you can easily accessorize your outfit while keeping your bag secure across your body.

Expand the Concept of Handbags for Women to Include Backpacks

Initially, a backpack can seem intimidating for the flashbacks it can bring to school days. However, even the most famous handbag brands have started including backpacks in their lines.  The appeal of these types of handbags for women comes in their portability and versatility: commute to work with one, or carry it when heading out to the cafe for brunch. Backpacks are an easy and comfortable choice as travel bags for women, or just for getting all your items to the office one easy package.

A Bucket Bag is the Leather Purse That Makes a Statement

handbags for women - Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag

When it comes to their look, bucket bags are definitely the most unique on this list. With their full bottom and drawstring closure, their structure alone puts them in a league of their own when it comes to handbags for women. Plus, you can make them work for almost any occasion. Running errands? Check. Going to dinner? Check.

The Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag, which appeared in our Spring 2016 subscription box is a perfect example of this timeless leather purse. Perfect for both the office and and unleashing your inner bohemian, this versatile handbag is an easy way to elevate your style any time of year.

The Weekender is the Ultimate Travel Handbag for Women

When it comes to travel bags for women, there’s one that will always be considered a serious contender, and that’s the weekender. Do you have a weekend planned with your best girlfriends and can’t decide on your girls’ night “out-fit?” Bring them all! Why start your weekend feeling like you’re missing what you need? Luckily, the weekender is the perfect purse for a mini-getaway, and it always looks chic.

A Tote is an Essential Leather Purse

handbags for women - tote bag

A tote bag is a chic and classic look that will never go out of style. When you’re in search of a leather handbag for every key moment, tote bags are the perfect choice. Whether you’re going to midday brunch with your friends or a romantic evening with a partner, this is the essential handbag for women.

The right ladies purse is essential to creating the perfect look. While these are the styles you’ll need for every key moment, the search doesn’t end here. Fashion is about adding a little something special to your life, and handbags will keep you ready for all of life’s greatest moments. Continue finding new styles and designs that speak to you and elevate your personal style to new levels.